Hibernation Sickness

by Mt. Meridian

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Mt. Meridian is Mark Dunlap, Phil Lord & Kris Lane


released May 17, 2013

Production/engineering/mixing/mastering by Mt. Meridian
Additional production/engineering by Brett Boland
Drums recorded at Brett Boland Studios in Groveland, MA
All other music recorded at Fisheye Studios in Vernon, CT
Additional guitar on Codie by Mike Desmond
Album art by Phil Lord



all rights reserved


Mt. Meridian Vernon, Connecticut

Mark Dunlap
Phil Lord
Kris Lane

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Track Name: Origami of Species
"Pardon me, but the scene is not asleep...
But it ainʼt all the way awake."
And so you'll fall,
Fall right off the edge again.
But how am I supposed to know that?
I fold into it
I fold into it
But it was not enough to crush this lover's lusts.

I fold into it
Tip-toeing down fretboards in limbo
Doesn't wake the hordes up.
What we need is an essential melody.
A long way
So arm your harmonies
An elegy weʼll write ʻtil itʼs right.

And weʼll draw
No coda.
Lead me in to rougher love

You be Faustus
And I will play Him.
I will not leave this unfinished.

Letʼs be honest
Canʼt you take a hint?
I wonʼt leave this unfinished.
Valley, peak, valley, peak, valley...

And weʼll draw
No coda.
Lead me in to rougher love
Lead me in to love.

A long time inside the pale,
These lights Iʼve dreamed to dim.
Despite my best efforts,
Always persist to fail

Tell me I wonʼt fall again
When all is done and all is said.
Shadows of the past you seek,
Donʼt act like you donʼt notice.

And tell me I wonʼt fall again
(And weʼll draw)
All is done, all is said.
(No coda)
Shadows of the past you seek.
Lead me in to rougher love.

How am I supposed to know that?
And how am I supposed to hold that?
Track Name: Hibernation Sickness
Orbital loss, a binary star of certain doom.
The light folds ʻround me; softly bleach all their bones
And Iʼm afraid I feel it... I feel it.

You said you love me, but I already know.

Back on Tatooine
We have thermal lock
And itʼs heating us up.

These stars have failed, so long daylight.

But the voice in my head, it goes, "Jabba, wonʼt forget you this time!"

I promised a friend salvation.

Are you gonna leave me sleeping,
Stuck in a frozen lullaby?
(Oh, I) I could feel my heartbeat quicken,
As the frost was creeping ʻcross my eyes.

(Oh no)
Jabba, won't forget you this time!

I promised a friend salvation
These stars have failed,
So long daylight.
(My love grows cold)

Here I'll stay,
Encased in carbonite.
Forever I'll stay.
Track Name: Animal Magnetism
Flickering, imagine floating away
Circling like you,
And gravityʼs nonsense.

Colors thrown astray,
So stubbornly erased as I dismember.

Weʼre finding ourselves incomplete
And weʼre sprawling ourselves out of
Reach we crave
Solace in you and me.

With this lack of friction,
Weʼll tend to repel.
Letʼs leave this to chance, okay?
So I donʼt regret you.
Itʼs so easy,

The ebb and flow;
Wreathed, intangible.
Lining pockets gold
And some with stones

An eclipse of the wind
Where my body breaks.
And the edge crumbles
Back into space and out of
Reach, we crave
Solace in you and me.
Maybe in time weʼll see
If we could feel complete.
But until then, weʼll just have to pretend.
Track Name: Codie
I trace this circle ʻround
And I will try to
Keep it all in mind that while
Iʼm lonely when I'm not asleep
(To delay it from the ever rising me)
And the hundred billion before Leave thirty ghosts
Behind me and you too.
That only love follows, only love will bloom...

To a face written in
A sudden change of plans:
Burn off the frayed bits.

A yearning like a song,
Slipping fingers holding on to
The spring fields I desire
(I heard you lost them)
In the echoes breaking light,
In the morning frost decline.

Freezing day by day,
The road is leveled out
And I will farther follow.

To a face written in
A sudden change of plans:
Burn off the frayed bits.
Well, I've nothing left for what ifs,
But for what it was worth
They keep me hanging on.

I wonʼt see my fate go undeserved,
But until I can feel my chest
(Iʼll watch the clock)
Burn with the gathered.
I watched the clock burn with...
Let the walk be a circle

I watched the clock burn his hands,
Donʼt fight like they once could.

The waters we sail tonight
Will help us reach destruction.
The weight of God
Will pitch us off the other end;
Not save us.

Why are we here? T o leave?
Iʼll just be waiting for my time to come.
Why are we here?
To leave?
To leave here?

Waiting for my time to come
And all these words have been undone,
So take your petty promises,
And fold them back in two.

So live your awful love
To figure out as much...
That only love follows,
I feel hearts breaking.

Indefinite return to solar fields.
I heard your complexion is not for sale
So let us be leaving this time tonight.
Iʼd kill for an answer but then...

To our fates written on
A single grain of sand,
Crying for "what if... "
So what became of all of those
Who you thought you had lost, too?
Broken by the brave,
A long way from you?

Donʼt have fear,
Itʼs not like anyone could be prepared.
Itʼs not like anyone could learn enough.
Whatʼs done is gone
And never here

Alone again.